Weld East Fabricators is one of Perth’s leading steel, stainless steel, and aluminium fabrication companies. We can take your project from concept to completion.

We employ a full-time draftsperson to turn ideas into practical designs. We can create 3D visualisations of your product and create a layout for the cutting machines.


Our Perth workshop is fully equipped to carry out any form of small to mid-size fabrication. Our team is highly experienced in sheet metal assembly and performs all welding, laser cutting, pressing, rolling, bending, guillotining, and spray-painting on site for prompt turnarounds.

We specialise in: Workbenches, Shelving, Tanks, Parts, Panels, Trolleys, Cabinets, and Toolboxes.

arc-hd-plasma-cuttingPlasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting is a process used to cut steel using a plasma torch, which uses a powerful electric arc to create plasma out of a blast of ordinary dried air to vaporise, or literally ‘plasmatise’ the metal that is being cut.

Our CNC Plasma Cutter is designed to provide excellent cutting and bevelling performance on material up to 25mm thick.


Weld East Fabricators has been providing welding services to WA’s mining and industrial sectors for over 30 years. Welding is a fabrication process that connects materials by creating a join.

At Weld East Fabricators, quality is our top consideration when we take on welding projects for our clients. Our Perth workshop is fully equipped to handle all TIG and MIG welding requirements.

Pressing & Folding Steel

Weld East Fabricators is proud to deliver a full range of manufacturing services on-site. Our Perth fabrication workshop is equipped with press brakes for custom sheet metal pressing and folding. The press brake CNC controls allow us to save your parts to our database making repeat orders simple and cost effective for batch produced parts.


Our Perth fabrication workshop has a vast array of equipment to handle all types of modification projects. Our experienced team specialises in modifications to panels and cabs for heavy equipment.

Painting & Finishing

Our Perth fabrication workshop is fully equipped with industrial spray painting facilities. We have the equipment and experience to give your project whatever finish you require.