General Fabrication

We offer a wide range of fabrication services to our customers, including HD robotic CNC plasma cutting, CNC bending and rolling, welding, assembly, design, certification, finishing, sandblasting, repair, refurbishment, and steel supply.

Comprehensive Fabrication Services

Our team combines modern tools and seasoned expertise to deliver a full spectrum of fabrication services. From precise CNC plasma cutting to robust welding, we handle every project with precision and care. We work with various steel grades to ensure the best fit for your needs. With our holistic approach, you get dependable results without the hassle.
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Materials We Specialise In:

Low Carbon (Mild Steel) Plate: We offer Grade 250 and 350, versatile and ductile for general use.

High Carbon Steel Plate: Strong and hard, ideal for tools, knives, and wear-resistant components.

Steel Sheet: We provide sheets from 1mm thickness, catering to diverse strength and flexibility needs.

Specialty Plates: Includes Boiler Plate, Duraflex K1042, and Bisalloy grades 80, 400, 500 - suitable for high-stress and wear-resistant jobs.

Stainless Steel: We work with corrosion-resistant grades 316 and 304, popular in food processing, chemical, and architecture.

Aluminium: Light yet strong, perfect for weight-sensitive applications without sacrificing durability.

Painted Workbenches
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You can rely on our design and production team to provide expert guidance from the start of your project to completion.