Pressing & Folding

At Weld East Fabricators in Perth, we specialise in pressing and folding with an array of press brakes. Our CNC controls streamline repeat orders by saving part specifications, making batch productions cost-effective. We handle materials up to 25mm thick and sizes reaching 3m x 5m.

Maximising Precision in Production

Our emphasis on quality is complemented by our advanced machinery that ensures impeccable precision. Every bend, press, and fold is executed to match exacting specifications. Our streamlined processes, aided by the CNC controls, mean faster turnaround times and consistent results, especially for batch-produced components. At Weld East, your manufacturing goals become our dedicated projects.
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Consistency in Repeat Orders

One of our standout features is the ease with which we handle repeat orders. By storing part specifications in our database, we eliminate the guesswork and ensure that every new batch maintains the high quality of its predecessor. This system not only guarantees uniformity across products but also results in cost savings for our clients. Efficiency and consistency – that's the Weld East promise.

Press Brake Machine
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